Our Clinical Facial Treatments

Oxygen Facial Treatments:

Oxygen facials are a “non-medical procedure” that supports natural collagen.

Oxygen and serums infusion that gives you skin brightness, Hydration, and clarity. 


Microdermabrasion is a simple, quick and painless cosmetic procedure with no downtime and minimal risk. Micro uses fine diamond heads to remove dead skin cells, reducing fine lines, early sun damage, mild acne, leaving smooth complexion.

Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Vitamin Boost:

A Microdermabrasion with oxygen infused Serums. These serums are double strength, Antioxidant, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Collagen and Vitamin C.


These are designed specifically for treating skin concerns for an invisible and long-term improvement with low down time.

Level 2 peels are a course of 3 or  6  treatment protocol.

Level 1 Peel:

Ideal for the first time peel or for maintenance, visibly brightens and smooths the complex of the skin.

Level 2 Peel Lactic Acid:

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles: fades hyperpigmentation, targets sun damage and radiance complexion.

Level 2 Salicylic Acid:

Powerful blend of acids to effectively control congestion, blemishes, scaring, open and large pores, evening out skin tone.

Our Facial Treatments

Classic facial:


A truly relaxing facial with all the facial treats of cleansing, exfoliating and a face mask, combined with a gentle massage.

Microdermabrasion and Microdermabrasion & Sonophoresis:


Microdermabrasion is a gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates and polishes to generate new cell growth through a relaxing vacuuming system and diamond tips. Treat yourself even further by choosing Microdermabrasion & sonophoresis, which adds a vitamin infusion for the skin.

Dermalogica treatments:


Dermalogica products are recognised worldwide and aid in creating healthier, brighter and younger skin for all skin types. At Helena’s choose from the Age Smart Facial, which smoothens and protects skin to prevent and correct signs of ageing, the Sensitised Skin Treatment, that soothes sensitive skin and boosts the immune function, or the Multivitamin Peel, that delivers advanced results for dry and aged skin through the use of vitamins.

Sothys Treatments:


Through the use of natural Sothys Products, Helena’s offer four facial treatments that leave you with energised and healthy skin. The Advanced Hydration Facial meets the hydration needs of all skin types and helps in preventing signs of ageing. The Pro Youth Intensive Treatment takes this further by providing a targeted treatment to combat signs of ageing, through patented actives and expert application methods. Other treatments include the Detox Energie, which protects and helps the skin defend itself from harmful effects of environment stress through the use of active ingredients or choose the Seasonal Skin Care Facial of either spring-summer or autumn-winter. This facial boost’s the skins defence system whilst also hydrating, oxygenating and radiating skin.

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